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The non-gag gift.

“Poo~Pourri is the best gag gift I’ve ever received. It turned out to be something I NEEDED in my life! When you spray it into the toilet before you sit down, it grabs those scent molecules as soon as they reach the water and banishes them to stink hell.”


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Link to In A Pinch Pack

In A Pinch Pack

original citrus + lavender vanilla + vanilla mint + tropical hibiscus + lavender peppermint
Link to Gone Flushin’

Gone Flushin’

trap-a-crap + smoky woods
Link to Master Crapsman

Master Crapsman

trap-a-crap + royal flush
Link to Beach Bum

Beach Bum

tropical hibiscus + ship happens
Link to Glitzy Spritz - Silver

Glitzy Spritz - Silver

on-the-go refillable sprayer
Link to Glitzy Spritz - Rose Gold

Glitzy Spritz - Rose Gold

on-the-go refillable sprayer
Link to PRIVY - Small Gift Box

PRIVY - Small Gift Box

copper + gold + silver
Link to Share Love Not Stink

Share Love Not Stink

vanilla mint + lavender vanilla
Link to On-The-Go Set

On-The-Go Set

original citrus + lavender vanilla + tropical hibiscus
Link to Spritzing Pretty

Spritzing Pretty

sitting pretty + rose gold glitzy spritz
Link to Peace Love Poo

Peace Love Poo

deja poo + lavender peppermint
Link to Daisy Doo

Daisy Doo

original citrus + spiced apple