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The WOO of POO Test

The WOO of POO Test

change your life in the time you take a sh*t

Bottle also available

price: $19.95

It’s time to enlighten your load!

Suzy Batiz, Creator and CEO of Poo~Pourri, and her Poo Crew bring you a book about the magical thinking and self-growth that built the multi-million dollar Poo Empire.

Suzy and the Poo Crew share their ten “Woos” in this hilarious self help book. Each digestible Woo delivers the outrageous advice and action plans that have guided Suzy and her team to manifest their dreams—no matter how “woo woo” they seemed.

Stylish and compact, this little Poo book is perfect for reading on the toilet and sharing with friends (please don’t do these two things at the same time, unless you have Poo~Pourri handy).