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Gone Flushin’

Gone Flushin’

you should have seen this sucker,
it put up one heck of a fight.
I caught a glimpse of the 10 pounder,
as it sank out of sight.
my friends didn't believe me,
no evidence remained.
I spritzed before I dropped my line,
the smell had been contained!

price: $20.95

Trap Bathroom Odor… Hook, Line and Stinker!

When that outdoorsy, take-no-crap man in your life needs to download a brown load, give him Gone Flushin’ so he can let bathroom odor sleep with the fishes. It’ll be the most important tool in his tackle box.

Gift set contains:

  • 2oz Trap-A-Crap (cedarwood + citrus)
  • 2oz Smoky Woods (cedar + hickory + citrus)