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Everyday Travel Essentials

Everyday Travel Essentials

Whether you're headed to the beach, city or mountains, chances are you'll be sharing cramped quarters. With Poo~Pourri, you'll never get caught in a pinch!

Bundle includes In a Pinch Pack (contains 5 – 4ml pocket-size Poo~Pourri in Original Citrus, Trap-A-Crap, Lavender Vanilla, Royal Flush and Deja Poo), 100-use bottle of Shoe~Pourri (cedarwood + eucalyptus + grapefruit) and a 200-use bottle of Shoe~Pourri (cedarwood + eucalyptus + grapefruit).

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Perfect for trial and scent discovery!

Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray is a pure blend of natural essential oils that eliminates bathroom odor before it begins and leaves the toilet smelling better than you found it. Imagine where you can GO now!

Set contains:
4oz Shoe~Pourri (cedarwood + eucalyptus + grapefruit)
2oz Shoe~Pourri (cedarwood + eucalyptus + grapefruit)
4mL Original Citrus (lemon + bergamot + lemongrass)
4mL Trap-A-Crap (cedarwood + citrus)
4mL Lavender Vanilla (lavender + vanilla + citrus)
4mL Royal Flush (eucalyptus + spearmint)
4mL Deja Poo (white flowers + citrus)