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bathroom odor
before it begins

Spritz 3-5 sprays into the toilet bowl on the water’s surface. Proceed to use the throne as usual. The natural essential oils create a barrier—trapping odor under the surface, before it begins!


EASY installation for all surfaces and bathrooms

DURABLE bottle holder

CONVENIENT theft-deterrent design with retractable lanyard

INFORMATIONAL how-to-use graphics

HOLDS 8oz Poo~Pourri bottle that lasts up to 1 MONTH*

We care about your health, your toilet, and this
precious world we poop in. That’s why we use
NO harsh chemicals. Unlike the other guys,
Poo~Pourri is safe to breathe and safe to flush.
  • NO alcohol
  • NO aerosol
  • NO parabens
  • NO phthalates
  • NO formaldehyde
  • NO synthetic fragrance
  • ALL stink-fightin’ good stuff

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