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Original Citrus
lemon + bergamot + lemongrass

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Lavender Vanilla
lavender + vanilla + citrus

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Royal Flush
eucalyptus + spearmint

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POO~POURRI traps bathroom odor
at the source

Prevent unwanted odor from escaping the bowl with these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: SpritzSpritz 3-5 sprays into the bowl to create a film on the water’s surface.

Step 2: PooThe protective barrier traps odor before it ever begins.

Step 3: Flush yeah!All you’ll smell is a refreshing bouquet of natural essential oils.

Our natural formula is as Good as it Smells

Poo~Pourri is safe to breathe, safe to flush and never tested on animals (only stinky humans)

We care about your health, your toilet, and this precious world we poop in.That’s why we use NO harsh chemicals, just stink-fightin’ good stuff (oh, and a pinch of magic).

NO alcohol
NO aerosol
NO parabens
NO phthalates
NO formaldehyde
NO synthetic fragrance
ALL stink-fightin’ goodness

Rated 4.7 stars on Amazon by over 7,200 satisfied poopers

"This product not only made pooping more exciting, it also rescued my marriage from the blaming and the name calling.”- FELIX

"My husband is notorious for detonating some seriously foul bombs. Nothing would get rid of the smell, except Poo~Pourri!”- A. RAJA

"I'm 262 pounds and eat everything not nailed down. Tried Poo~Pourri and IT WORKS. Ordering a few more bottles for the RV.”- DAVID WILLIAMS

"I feel like everyone should have this amazing product in their life. No more fear of stinking up the office when you have to go after that large cup of coffee.”- A

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