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5 stars

“My feet sweat. This awesome spray has rescued my shoes. I’m telling you, it works!” – Jeri K.

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We all have them— those horrid, sweaty, stinky shoes…

We shove them in athletic bags, hide them in closets, use chemicals that smell equally horrible, try natural solutions that don’t work, or just plain throw them out.

Poo~Pourri is changing that! Poo~Pourri Shoe Odor Eliminator is a stink-stomping blend of natural essential oils and enzymes that eliminates shoe odor at the molecular level and leaves your shoes smelling amazing.

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99% positive rating

“If you have kids that play sports… You. Need. This!”

– Maren

“Simple - works like a charm and smells great!”

– Conner

“I tried various powders and nothing works the way this stuff does!”

– Alison

“I'm telling you, this really works. I was hesitant to purchase but I'm glad I did.”

– Amanda

“I sweat a lot! This stuff saves my shoes and my pride.”

– Heather

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Works on more than just shoes...

Poo~Pourri Shoe Odor Eliminator works on any stinky, sweaty fabric. Basically, if you sweat in it, you can use Shoe Odor Eliminator on it!

Works on hockey skates, gym bags, sports equipment, yoga mats, police and tactical vests and more!

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All Shoes

Sports Gear

Gym Bags

Yoga Mats

Kick shoe odor to the curb.

Link to Shoe~Pourri Spray 2oz

Shoe~Pourri Spray 2oz

up to 100 uses
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Link to Shoe~Pourri Spray 4oz

Shoe~Pourri Spray 4oz

up to 200 uses
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