No. 2 – Poo~Pourri
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Our newest collection designed with you in mind.


After creating Poo~Pourri, I was craving a line of products that were so beautifully packaged, they serve as individual pieces of art. This new, limited collection was made with the same odor eliminating formulas as our classic Poo~Pourri scents, but packaged in a fresh, inspired way.

We’ve created the No. 2 Collection in gratitude of you—our customers—who have supported us on our path. It is as beautiful as you, as clear as our vision and as playful as our nature. At Poo~Pourri, we are artists and visionaries who express our art through our products.

We love to play through design and create with you always in mind. 

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Set sail to an oceanic oasis
with this coastal blend.

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Link to No. 2 Tangerine

No. 2 Tangerine

4oz • up to 200 uses

These fresh aromatics energize
your senses with every spritz.

tangerine + grapefruit
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Link to No. 2 Plum

No. 2 Plum

4oz • up to 200 uses

Turn your bathroom into a spa
retreat every time you go.

plum + jasmine
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