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    Sup, Betches!

    • Thanks for talking shit with us at U Up live! Poo~Pourri’s got your back during all of those awkward dating stages. Whether it’s your first overnight sleepover or you’ve been dating a while, spritz the bowl and keep the romance alive.

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  • Lavender Vanilla

    Lavender Vanilla

    lavender + vanilla + citrus
    $9.95 and up
  • Original Citrus

    Original Citrus

    lemon + bergamot + lemongrass
    $9.95 and up
  • Royal Flush

    Royal Flush

    eucalyptus + spearmint
    $9.95 and up
  • Tropical Hibiscus

    Tropical Hibiscus

    hibiscus + apricot + citrus
    $9.95 and up
  • Vanilla Mint

    Vanilla Mint

    vanilla + mint + citrus
    $9.95 and up
  • Lavender Peppermint

    Lavender Peppermint

    lavender + peppermint + citrus
    $9.95 and up