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Another Reason to Get Lost in Target

Another Reason to Get Lost in Target

How many times have you run to Target to get ONE thing and walked out spending over $100?!  Damn you dollar section and cute clothes. Well, we’re adding one more reason to get lost in Target! Starting this September, you can find Poo~Pourri in the candle aisle of your local Target!

In honor of our launch into Target, we thought we would dive a little deeper into the magical, mysterious ways Target sucks you in. #TakeAllMyMoney  


So, what is it that makes them so amazing?

They understand your needs
When it comes to their customers, Target knows their shit. Whether you like to wander for an hour looking at all the pretty things or if you’re a gal on the go, Target has designed their stores around your specific needs. No seriously… you!

According to Target’s website, stores will soon have a new design with two entrances, each with a specific guest need in mind. They explained that “guests can enter through one entrance to find displays of exclusive brands and inspiring seasonal moments, and the other for easy pick-up of online orders and groceries.”

They’ve created a shopping experience around your specific needs and that’s pretty stinkin’ awesome.

They believe in fun

Rick Gomez, Target’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, says that “[Target’s] marketing creates a 360-degree experience that brings a touch of joy to everyday shopping, whether guests are walking into our stores, browsing, Pinterest or Instagram, catching our broadcast spots or print ads and more.”

Picture this: you’re walking around Target and you see just the cutest thing in the whole wide world and it makes you let out a little squeal. Admit it, you’ve been there. We all have. That’s because Target has items that make you feel good.

Maybe it’s a day planner by your favorite designer, the comfiest fall sweater, the bright, fun colors of their school supplies, or now your favorite Before-You-Go Toilet Spray!  Whatever get’s you goin’, they’ve got it… and it’s AWESOME.  

I sat down with our VP of Marketing, Will Clarke (and human factoid), and he explained how Target’s signage conveys a sense of fun. From the moment you walk in, you know exactly what season you’re shopping. You know when it’s back-to-school, Christmas or every #basic girls favorite season... FALL. Heck, you can even grab yourself a PSL from your Target’s Starbucks to sip on while you shop! They decorate their stores in a way that engulfs you in a whole shopping experience so that you're no longer just popping in to grab on thing and go.

Target wants to make running to the store as fun as possible and something to get excited about.  

They make design affordable

On their website, Target describes design as “fun, energetic, surprising and smart … [it] makes you feel great and is affordable to all.” They embrace “Expect More. Pay Less” with their designer partnerships and amazing lines they have at an affordable price. 

They’ve joined forces with the best in every category to bring you kickass products at a price that doesn’t make you cry a little when you pull out your credit card.

Now, they’ve even partnered up with your favorite couple, Chip and Joanna, to bring farmhouse flair to your local Target with their new line, Hearth and Hand. Now there’s no need to travel all the way to Waco, Texas, to get your Magnolia Market fix.

Whether you're a fashionista, love to decorate (and redecorate) your home or are obsessed with all things beauty, Target has a designer line with you in mind. 

So, we thank you Target. Thank you for just getting us. You've made running to the store SO much fun that we can no longer go in and just buy toilet paper. Now we have to have all the cute (and affordable) things!


Find a Target store near you and get to shoppin'!

 If you spot us at Target and want to share with all of your friends on social, remember to use the hashtag #PooPourriAtTarget and tag us! 


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