We here at Poo Headquarters (OR SHOULD IT BE Pooville) promote a lifestyle of healthy living. We fill our stomachs with organic treats, our souls with meditation and our conference rooms with fung shei. We believe in natural products, holistic remedies and paying it forward. So it comes as no surprise that we like to make one man’s trash, our treasure!

This is a pretty sweet quote. I highly recommend it!

For instance, take our Poo~Pourri bottles. It would be easy to toss the little guy in the trash. (Pst! We prefer you recycle it! There’s a friendly reminder in case you forget.) But instead, we encourage folks to reuse the bottle as bathroom décor.

_Bathroom décor? We_ _am_ _I suppose to do, put an empty bottle on my vanity and call it art? No! We want you to transform the bottle with a little imagination, elbow grease and crafts. (C’mon, we know you were eyeing that overpriced, marble knickknack in Urban Outfitters.)

Saving the environment, and saving money—can you get much better?

(No. The answer is no, you can stop wondering now.)

We have these gorgeous marble “vases” around the office and bathrooms! They’re a unique touch to every corner, and hold our favorite thing—peonies! We particularly like when visitors ask us, “Where did you get that stunning marble vase,” and we can casually admit we made it from a before-you-go-bathroom spray.

And if our guys in the office can make it, anyone can!

First, let’s get your supplies. You will need:

Nail polish (Colors to your choosing)

Label-stripped, empty Poo~Pourri bottle


Shallow bucket


Next, fill the bucket with water. You won’t need to much. A couple of inches of water will do!

Once the bucket is filled, it’s time for the fun part—nail polish and marbling! This will vary by personal taste, but drop a couple of dollops into the water. Do not be alarmed when it begins to thin out and spread.

Take a toothpick and glide it through the colors to create a gorgeous marble effect. Tip: Be careful to not glide it too much, as the nail polish can clump to the toothpick. (No Bueno.)

Once you are pleased with your marble design, take your label-stripped Poo~Pourri bottle, and put it face-down into the marble design.

Slowly lift the bottle out of the water, and lay it down to dry. Repeat to the other side.

And you have a one-of-a-kind marble vase!