Look to your left. Now, look to your right. On either side of you, is a coffee cup—likely half-full with film around the mug, and a little mark of your lipstick on the rim. No! Don’t look behind you, we’re not following you. But we basically know you, and therefore, know you’re curious as to why you know you’re gonna need to drop it like it’s hot in about a half-hour.

We know you’re not going to ask your friend, and you’re too nervous to ask Google (what if you die, and someone goes through your search history?!), so we’re here to deliver the straight sh*t on why you always need to go straight to the toilet after your latte.

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Here’s the poop, er, scoop.

Most coffee-lovers assume the caffeine found in coffee is to blame for their bathroom shame. But you know what they say, when you assume…. (And coincidentally, we are talking about asses here.) But notice the same effect is had when drinking decaf coffee, and you’re not rushing to the nearest bathroom to poop when you’re drinking soda or energy drinks. What’s that all about?

Well, coffee’s acidic nature has an effect on your stomach. The coffee causes the stomach to secrete a heightened level of gastric acid; something that helps you break down protein. It also contains something called chlorogenic acid, which increases stomach acid levels. It has been proven coffee effects the movement of large intestines in FOUR MINUTES. (It takes more time to brew a second pot!)

Coffee is made-up of over 1,000 compounds. Scientists haven’t completely nailed which component is to blame for your bathroom shuffle in between meetings, it has an educated guess. Cholecystokinin and gastrin are the two prime suspects. Gastrin is a hormone released to get the colon movin’ and groovin’. And to do that, the colon performs a process called peristalsis, the relaxation and contraction of muscles that helps getting waste to the toilet.

Maybe more remarkable than the entire process is the fact that only 30% of the population experiences this pooping reaction. (We are DEFINITELY part of that percentage.)

All of the nitty gritty science facts have been brought to you by The Washington Post.