Sure, you know Poo~Pourri kills odor before it begins, but something you may not know—unlike the imitators who’ve followed, we’re completely made from natural essential oils. Just to totally _keep it real_—we’re bad for odor, but good for your health, your bathroom and our environment.

Keeping natural household products may seem more like a luxury or an expensive alternative to otherwise fine, generic products than a necessity. However, opting to purchase consumer goods without toxins, alcohol, aerosol or formaldehyde is a conscious decision to create a more environmentally-sound and healthy atmosphere for your family.

What Is an Essential Oil?

When you (literally) “wake up and smell the roses”, the aroma you’re drawn to is an essential oil. Essential oils are naturally occurring compounds found in seeds, bark, stems roots, flowers and plants. The oils are what give each plant their signature smell and fragrance.

For example, one of our best-selling scent, Lavender Vanilla is actually made from lavender oils—not a poisonous concoction made in a lab. The same can be said for all of our scents with fragrant notes of rose, citrus, cedar wood, and other smells found in nature.

The Benefits of Essential Oils

Because of their volatile compound—meaning its substance going from a solid to a liquid or gas state quickly—essential oils are ideal for aromatherapy and alleviating physical and mental aches one may be experiencing. So, the oils in Poo~Pourri really do help you take a load off physically and mentally.

Other benefits of introducing essential oils into your life? It improves immunity and can speed up illnesses. Essential oils have been proven to balance hormones and help when dealing with infections. Plus, if anything is going to be that close to such an intimate body part—it better be harm-free and all natural.

Why Is It Better than Generic Products

The decision to use essential oils instead of harmful aerosol sprays or knock-off before-you-go sprays can be simpler than what is good for your well-being and the environment. Alternatives to essential oil damage your toilet bowl, and do not do anything deeper than surface cleaning—it just moves germs around and masks odors. With essential oils, you are being safe to your countertops, toilet bowl, and yes—body, as well as doing a deep clean. We break down the odor, and eliminate it.